Climate Action Report

The Village of Burns Lake remains committed to sustainability and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Please find our sustainability-related documents below.

Sustainability and Climate Change

Integrated Community Sustainability Planning (ICSP) is a provincial initiative that ties in with interests to address climate change and encourage the development of healthier, less costly and more sustainable communities. Sustainability planning allows communities to envision, plan and implement actions to secure their long-term well-being. It provides a framework that helps communities plan for their own needs while ensuring that the needs of future generations are also met. Burns Lake is joining many communities in and beyond B.C. in identifying a vision for sustainability and engaging in the ICSP process.

A sustainability plan is a policy document and participatory process that is community-wide and long-term. The plan will outline a vision for what we want our community to look like in the future and provide guidance for decision– makers to move us towards that future. The plan will also establish a monitoring system to track our progress while prioritizing continued public engagement in order to learn and improve.

Where the Official Community Plan (OCP) looks ahead 3 to 5 years, a sustainability plan needs to emphasize long-term thinking, beyond fiscal and electoral cycles. It requires collaboration between community residents and stakeholders, creating partnerships and ongoing monitoring and evaluation to ensure we are moving towards our sustainability goals.

For more information refer to the plan: Our Burns Lake – Integrated Community Sustainability Plan

Alternative transportation programs describe a collection of initiatives and strategies that work to change commuting behavior, primarily from single occupant vehicle drivers, to other modes of transportation. This is achieved through walking, cycling, and carpooling, typically for weekday travel to and from work or school.

Be the first to make a difference!  Employers and organizations in Burns Lake that implement alternative transportation programs show a commitment to; environmental and social responsibility, improving air quality, employee health benefits, GHG reductions, and corporate leadership. Consider corporate challenges such as “Bike to Work Week” and improving or enhancing the user experience with amenities such as bike racks, showers and change rooms.

Through our downtown revitalization efforts, the Village is committed to improving our sidewalks, crosswalks and cycle routes with features such as corner bulges, better signage, improved lighting, median refuges, and bike racks.  This will make walking and cycling easier, safer and more convenient for people in all types of weather.  The installation of the electric vehicle charging stations, in the parking lot across from the Evergreen Mall, demonstrates our commitment to combat climate change with sustainable transportation infrastructure.

  • For information and assistance planning with active transportation: Active Transportation Planning and our Active Transportation Plan
  • During the winter months, arrange to carpool with others in your office or start a rideshare in your neighbourhood to find others who may be going the same way as you. You will save on gas, wear and tear on your vehicle, and you may make some new friends along the way.  Consider the following websites:  CARPOOL or RIDESHARE
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