An Official Community Plan (OCP) is intended to be the community’s vision for the future development and growth of an area.  It includes general goals and policies that guide Council, staff, and others in their land use and development decisions.  The current Official Community Plan was adopted in 2007 and is now  up for review.

It is important that the OCP be reviewed about every 5 years to ensure that it continues to reflect the values of community residents.  The process to update the OCP is scheduled to be completed by early winter 2016 with the stakeholder and public consultation to occur from now through August, followed by the formal approval process.

Review our current OCP here.

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What Kinds of Information can be found in an OCP?

As defined in the Local Government Act, an OCP must deal with the following issues:

  • The location, amount, type and density of residential development;
  • The location, amount and type of commercial, industrial, institutional, agricultural, recreational and public utility land uses;
  • The location and areas of sand and gravel deposits that are suitable for future sand and gravel extractions;
  • Restrictions on the use of land that is subject to hazardous conditions or that is environmentally sensitive to development;
  • The location and phasing of any major road, sewer and water systems.
  • The location and types of present and proposed public facilities, including schools, parks and waste treatment and disposal sites;
  • Housing policies of the local government respecting affordable housing, rental housing and special needs housing.

An OCP can contain policy statements on the following:

  • Social needs, social well-being and social development;
  • The preservation and protection, restoration and enhancement of the natural environments, its ecosystems and biological diversity.
Economic Development
  • Facade Improvement Program
  • Business Licenses
  • Investment Profiles
  • Burns Lake Promotion