Highways 16 and 35, which are main arterial connectors, are maintained by the Province of British Columbia utilizing a private contactor.  The contractor is responsible for plowing, sanding, pothole repair, and general upkeep.  The Village of Burns Lake Public Works maintains the curbs, gutters, and underground infrastructure within the Highway 16 corridor.  All other roads and streets within municipal boundaries are maintained fully by the Village of Burns Lake Public Works crew. This includes snow removal, sanding, ditching, pavement patching, repair, and replacement.  Street lighting is a combination of the responsibility of the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, BC Hydro, and the Village of Burns Lake.  To report a light outage within the municipal boundaries, please contact the Village Office.

Snow Removal

The Village of Burns Lake continually strives to provide the citizens of our community with an exceptional level of service in relation to the maintenance of our public thoroughfares, parking lots and pedestrian corridors during the winter months.

The clearing of municipal roads, streets, sidewalks, public parking lots and public open spaces by our public works department (under normal circumstances) will be undertaken in the following order of importance:
1.     Hospital transportation corridor – Lorne Street from Highway #16 to 8th Avenue, 8th Avenue from Lorne Street to Centre Street and Center Street from 8th Avenue to the Hospital.
2.     Major municipal roadways: 8th Avenue, 9th Avenue, 5th Avenue, Center Street, Hill Street, Carroll Street, 1st Avenue, 3rd Avenue and the 5th Avenue/9th Avenue connector.
3.     Other municipal streets with significant road grades. Completion of 1st Avenue, 2nd Avenue, 3rd Avenue, and 4th Avenue (between Highway #16 and Center Street).
4.     Downtown public parking lots.
5.     Remaining municipal local streets and lanes.
6.     Public sidewalks in business corridor.
7.     Other public open space, as time and resources permit.
Economic Development
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